I’m Awake. Are you?

There is no secret made of my husband’s ancestry including Scots and Nord. I basically married the blue-eyed Viking that the Nation of Islam warned us about. Although my husband and I are Muslims, we don’t prescribe to the NOI version of Islam. Most of his relatives are Catholic, though those that aren’t but consider themselves Christians don’t subscribe to the hate and bigotry of the KKK.  They are appalled at the recent displays of hatred, bigotry, misogyny and xenophobia that catapulted the Orange Tornado into the most prestigious elected position in the world.  And we all know how he got there and why so I won’t rehash that one today (but it’s coming).

I felt that with so much going on I needed to let white America know that the race issue is not a Black problem to resolve for you.  You have to hold your own accountable.  It’s well beyond time to put your asses on the line and get out there and DO something. Don’t concern yourself with what people of color are doing to get our houses in order.  Concentrate on the mess your people have made.

To my people, BLACK and Indigenous people, I feel the need to let you know that the gig is up. It’s time to unite and stop allowing others to define us. Stop looking for a savior to make all this better. Has that worked in 400+ years?  There was a time when we were a force to be reckoned with. I know that we will be again and soon.  Stop concerning yourself with the lack of melanin of my husband or who has dyed their hair blonde or has the best weave. Invest in each other, in our future.  Support our businesses. Encourage our youth. Create a legacy. Be proud of who you are and learn about your past and pass that on to your children and family.  Then we will be a nation unto ourselves and unstoppable.

I’m woke. That means more than I’m no longer in REM sleep and getting ready to start my day, It’s a mantra to let you know that I am conscious of he systemic racism that has placed us as a people in the position we are in and I am ready to do whatever is necessary to dismantle it.  BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Does that frighten white people? Of course, but who cares. Being woke means that my obligation is to my truth first and then on to the people who need me the most. MY PEOPLE.  It is my mission to make you uncomfortable, to challenge you, to question you so that ultimately you will THINK and then ACT.

The next four years are going to be interesting to say the least. Are you ready?