Every morning we are given a reprieve, an opportunity to correct t the errors and omissions of yesterday. This gift is ours whether or not we put it on a calendar. Be grateful for having a Being in your life that felt you worthy of another chance, be grateful for true love, family, friends and hope. Be grateful that somehow you inpired someone. Be grateful that you are grateful …

Traitor Reveal

Donna Brazile and Elizabeth Warren outed themselves today. I am officially DONE with these traitors to our Party.

Brazile is spreading Bernie’s lies to cash in on book sales. She claims Hillary “controlled” the DNC because of a fundraising deal but she fails to mention that Bernie Sanders signed the SAME fundraising deal with the DNC!

Obama had the same deal in 2008 and 2012. Obama left the party with millions in debt after the 2012 election. In 2015, DWS approached the Clinton AND Sanders campaigns and BOTH signed the same deal, so both campaigns could raise money for the DNC and state Democratic parties.

Clinton gladly supported her party and raised money for the DNC and down ticket candidates. What did Saint Bernie do? He ran on the Democratic Party ticket, accepted massive party resources, got tons of media exposure, raised $230 Million and kept every nickel of it for his own campaign and never gave the Democratic Party a dime. Bernie stuck us with the tab.

The Democratic Party is just that. It’s a party based on membership. It’s not a public entity. Party primaries are not public elections. They are party primaries for party members to select their party’s nominee, which we did. By a vast majority, real Democrats did not and do not want the divisive non-Democrat Bernie Sanders as our candidate.

Elizabeth Warren is a former Republican who has an anti-Democratic agenda. Her comments today about Hillary and “DNC rigging” are baseless. The evidence does NOT substantiate her claims. Not one single email leaked from the DNC shows ANY rigging or corruption or actual action taken against Bernie Sanders. A judge agreed and threw the case out of court.

Jumping on this propaganda bandwagon against the Democratic party is shameful. At least we now know officially where these women stand and we can react accordingly.

And Then They Came…

Posted by a friend:

“A few years ago, I was watching a documentary about Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.
At one point during the documentary, they were interviewing a former concentration camp guard.
He was telling of how he was amazed at the disbelief of the Jews that were being led into gas chambers and before firing squads.
He said he heard them murmuring the same phrases over and over… He kept hearing them say, “I can’t believe this is happening”.
“How can this be happening”?
“Why is this happening”?
The guard said that every time he heard them mumbling these questions as they were being led to their deaths, the same response would go through his mind….
“For 10 years we’ve been telling you that we hated you… For ten years we’ve been telling you that we were coming for you… Why didn’t you believe us”?
Think about all the things that this new breed of right wing fanatic, empowered by Trump has said they want to do.
Ban the media.
Purge minorities from the voter rolls.
Turn over absolute power to their Fuhrer.
Commit acts of violence against dissenters.
Target Muslims Americans
Target black Americans
Target LGBTQ Americans
Target Mexican Americans
… And much, much more…
Now ask yourself, are you gonna take them at their word?”

Posted by Craig Turner

Can’t Have

Bev Collier posted:
“We can’t have nothing. Not our skin. Not our peace. Not our sanctuary. Can’t have nothing. Can’t shop, can’t swim, can’t walk home. Can’t pray. Can’t worship. Can’t have candy. Can’t sit in a car with friends with the windows down, bathed in bass. Can’t be a free black girl, free black child, free black boy. Can’t have courtesy. Can’t ask for help. Can’t have nothing. Can’t get the benefit of the doubt. Can’t get called by the names we want to be called. Can’t sit in church, pray in church, have a church, mosque, temple. Can’t have nothing. Can’t have a nice day, Can’t have an uninterrupted ride home. Can’t have a day when you don’t have to look over your shoulder. Can’t have nothing. Can’t have a day where you KNOW without a shadow of a doubt the people you love will come home alive. Can’t. Have. Nothing. Can’t have a day when our everything isn’t in question. Can’t even die without an “assist”. Can’t even have a proper burial. Can’t even have a memorial that goes untouched.
Can’t not be followed. In a store. For a block. For a mile. For a day. For days. For years. For life.
Can’t even get an isolated incident.
Can’t get an acknowledgement that the race card is manufactured, store bought, and made from our skin.
Can’t have nothing.
Can’t be a disappeared black girl found safe and in time.
Can’t get a disappeared black girl’s name read on air.
Can’t have an indictment, conviction, blah, blah, blah.
Can’t have paid leave, unpaid leave,
Can’t have nothing.”
– Derrek Westin Brown.

Photography is not a crime

Simple Trick #1: You Can Always Take it With You
Never leave the house without your camera. In-phone camera or you favorite DSLR; it doesn’t matter. If you don’t have something to shoot with, you can’t…well…shoot!

+ Charge it up (get in the habit, if you don’t do this every night, already)

+ Get it ready (fave app onboard or go-to lens)

+ Use it


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