Things A Leftist Isn’t Allowed to Say

Here’s Laurel Brett’s latest: ” Things a Leftist Isn’t Allowed to Say” My Face book page delivers someone asking why we Hillary bitches won’t just let 2016 go and get behind Bernie in 2020. Like why are you even writing this fucked piece they would want to know. And why don’t you reserve this stuff for the Trumpers? I have been called a bitch, a cunt, a JAP, a neoliberal (apparently the worst thing you can call another person), a war monger, a cow, a sow, and had my life threatened on many occasions. That threat is nothing new for me. I first had my life threatened at 3 a.m. on the telephone in 1982 while a women’s crisis center worker for not giving an angry husband the address of his abused wife’s safe house. And that motherfucker knew where I lived. So I’m not scared, but that doesn’t mean I like it. Why don’t I reserve my Face book arguments for Trumpers? To battle the Trump administration I don’t bother with his Face book minions. Instead, I contact legislative aides calling offices to protest legislative agendas. I send postcards. I attend rallies. I battle actual initiatives. I don’t see many Trumpers on Face book. As a Jewish New Yorker I don’t have Trump supporters in the family members I regularly communicate with and none have friended me. We do have a group, Let’s Go Visit Lee Zeldin, who is our representative to Congress, and I sometimes find myself fruitlessly arguing with him and an occasional rant that someone on our side has posted. But I’ve had many friends on the Bernie side of the primary, and many members of the Resistance, which to me are the HRC warriors, post the constant pieces that still blame Hillary Clinton for too many undesired consequences to catalogue as if she, and not a Putin-Trump alliance had detailed a Democratic victory. I am not a very prominent Bernie opponent, though I have lost at least two friends to my opposition as well as membership in a closed chat room I’d been a member of for ten years. I wasn’t exactly booted out, but the ire of a very important personage and the lack of support from everyone else made it impossible to stay. Still, I usually only engage in anti-Bernie sentiments in response to the frustrations of a Resistance comrade, an egregious rewriting of facts, or another story about the elderly Bernie running for the presidency in 2020 or a strong assertion that had he been the Democratic candidate, he would have won the election. From my occasional remarks and other casual remarks on similar subjects I have learned that there are some things leftists, at least old lady leftists, are not allowed to say without being called the names I began with. To be honest, the first time I was called a bourgeois sow was in 1971 at sit-in at the office of the president of our college. The demonstration was led by a prominent student who had formed his own collective and organized many demonstrations under its aegis. My then live-in boyfriend was up in the president’s office for his first major political event. When it became clear to me that everyone was about to be arrested, I pleaded with him to avoid that since I had no way of getting home unless he drove me, not having procured a driver’s license before I went to college. The organizer, someone I had canoodled with on occasion, called me a bourgeois sow for my unconscionable self-interest. I suppose I was a hopeless bourgeois when I attended my boyfriend’s arraignment and even more bourgeois when I collected money for his bail and gave what I had left over to a general fund for all the defendants. But I digress. The continuing outrage of folks on the left has taught me that there are things leftists can never say. Women who support Hillary Clinton can never react when Bernie or Bust people insist Hillary and her tribe are splitting the party. We can never say that Bernie was the spoiler, not only throwing his hat in the ring but casting aspersions on her competence, ability, motives, and values. Her years of service, her untiring work on behalf of women, children, people of color, veterans and working people count for nothing because her rhetoric was not simplistic and lacking a revolutionary fervor. We can never say that Bernie, not Hillary, cost the Democratic Party the election. If we do, we’re called a dirty name just for voicing the opinion. Former SDS members who fought for peace, social justice, and economic equity our entire adult lives can never say that the Revolution’s ideas are empty rhetoric that has been tried again and again. We have had class revolutions in many places and the results haven’t been pretty and have most often led to political tyranny. We can’t say that HRC’s plans were grounded and that even Tom Hayden in the end decided he had to vote for Hillary. If we do, we’re called a dirty name just for voicing an opinion. Humanitarian mothers who have raised a family cannot say that although we want economic equity we are not in favor of massive social dislocation because we know the suffering it would bring. We can’t say that we want good lives for our children and everyone else’s children. We can’t say that a purity test or dogmatic ideas are sophomoric and lead to faulty conclusions and suffering. If we do, we’re called a dirty name just for voicing an opinion. Mature women who have had multiple jobs and lived complete lives can’t say that the perfect is the enemy of the good – that we’d rather see things change slowly than tear down the house and start from scratch, not because we’re apologists for any system but because we’ve lived long enough to understand human nature, greed, ambition, and meanness of spirit. We are happy when we can get things to improve, and we want things to improve for everyone except the rich. We want them to pay their fair share. We can’t say that the poor we know don’t want a revolution. They want a leg up to provide good lives for their children. If we do, we’re called a dirty name just for voicing an opinion. Nuanced thinkers can’t talk about needing to work with others. We can’t reject a world of white hats and black hats in which there are good people and bad people. We can’t say that negative traits are distributed across the entire socio-economic spectrum. We agree that Citizen’s United, Voter Suppression, Gerrymandering, Big Pharma, unregulated Wall Street, unregulated banks, unregulated industry, lack of health care are horrible conditions but that black and white ideology and simplistic plans won’t fix them for many reasons because if we do, we’re called a dirty name just for voicing an opinion. HRC supporters committed to social justice can’t insist that the lives of people of color, queer people and the reproductive rights of women are as important as the economic rights of working class white men. If we do, we’re called a dirty name for voicing an opinion. Feminists cannot suggest that the press as well as the supporters of the challenger in the Democratic primary have been sexist and biased against Hillary Clinton. We can’t point out that her positions and history have been scrutinized more than any other candidates. We can’t say that her actions speak volumes, and speak far louder than Bernie’s words because if we do we’re called a dirty name for voicing an opinion. Strong gun opponents can’t point out Bernie’s votes against gun control in support of the gun industry. Because if we do we’re called a dirty name just for voicing an opinion. Jews on the left who don’t spout extreme rhetoric can’t condemn the government of Israel while still understanding that Israel needs to exist. We can’t point out the actual history of Israeli-Arab relations. We can’t say that whereas he abhor Netanyahu and the Israeli hard liners and hate the West Bank and Gaza settlements but still sympathize with the Israeli people and Jews around the world still bearing the psychic wound of the Holocaust when half of our people were killed, one of our cultures destroyed, one of our languages annihilated because if we do we’re called very dirty names just for voicing an opinion. As a mature woman fighting political battles since joining SDS at 15 in 1966 I can’t list all the people I’ve met and worked with: William Kunstler, Abbie Hoffman, Gloria Steinem, John Lennon, Helen Caldicott, Bobby Kennedy, Ron Kovic, Bobby Seale, Cesar Chavez. I can’t say that even if other leftists don’t agree with me, my opinions come from love, from struggle, from teaching underprivileged students, immigrants, and minority students at a community college for over 30 years. I can’t say that as an older woman, a feminist, and a Jew I am automatically suspect under the purity tests of the new Young Turks because if I do I’m called a dirty name just for describing my experience.” Laurel Brett (She doesn’t see comments on my posts, so if you want to communicate with her, best is her Medium page @

And Then They Came…

Posted by a friend:

“A few years ago, I was watching a documentary about Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.
At one point during the documentary, they were interviewing a former concentration camp guard.
He was telling of how he was amazed at the disbelief of the Jews that were being led into gas chambers and before firing squads.
He said he heard them murmuring the same phrases over and over… He kept hearing them say, “I can’t believe this is happening”.
“How can this be happening”?
“Why is this happening”?
The guard said that every time he heard them mumbling these questions as they were being led to their deaths, the same response would go through his mind….
“For 10 years we’ve been telling you that we hated you… For ten years we’ve been telling you that we were coming for you… Why didn’t you believe us”?
Think about all the things that this new breed of right wing fanatic, empowered by Trump has said they want to do.
Ban the media.
Purge minorities from the voter rolls.
Turn over absolute power to their Fuhrer.
Commit acts of violence against dissenters.
Target Muslims Americans
Target black Americans
Target LGBTQ Americans
Target Mexican Americans
… And much, much more…
Now ask yourself, are you gonna take them at their word?”

Posted by Craig Turner

Poor,privileged Otto

“Thank you Random Internet Person. I am just as confused as you are.
“On Otto Warmbier:
Of course North Korea is repressive.
Of course they’re wrong.
Of course they’re brutal!
They treated that boy like Sandra Bland!
They treated him like Kalief Browder!
They treated him like Freddy Gray!
They treated him like Levena Johnson!
They treated him like Philando Castille!
They treated him like Walter Scott!
They treated him like Sean Bell!
They treated him like Oscar Grant!
They treated him like Michael Brown!
They treated him like so many hundreds of black men who were disappeared in the Chicago PD’s secret torture chamber.
Kinda sucks, doesn’t it? It’s downright barbaric.
But it’s funny how I don’t remember any tears coming from some who are calling for our tears now when all these people died. NOW they want me to cry though. But “all lives matter”, right?
Otto Warmbeir was breaking the law and I don’t hear any of them calling him a “thug”. But…I thought this was all about “law and order”? What happened to “don’t break the law” and “just comply” and “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time”? Where has all of that gone? Was a moratorium declared on that? Please explain.”
Thanks Sturge Moreland up

Dear White People (again)

WOW <3 <3 <3
“Dear white people, You know how horrible you felt when North Korea killed Otto Warmbier? You know how you kept thinking that could have been your kid? How you went and told stories about that movie Midnight Express and thought about all the stupid mistakes your kid made growing up and thanked God that at least he/she made those mistakes here where they were protected and not in some “foreign country” which did not privilege them? You know how you thought that if only there was some way of warning young people about the dangers of travel to “certain” places it would all be allright? Well that’s the way black and brown people, and maybe SOME who are in solidarity with them (still very much a work in progress) feel when OUR cops working for OUR country killed Philando Castille (and so many more, so very many more) and OUR jury failed to convict except, of course, it isn’t happening in a foreign country. It is happening here and there is nowhere they can go to escape it. They do warn their children with “the talk” and more, but it makes no difference. They can do everything right, just like Philando Castillo and so many others did everything right, and they will still be killed. What is worse, most of their white neighbors and co-workers and, dare I say, friends don’t even see it, let alone care. Until his life matters just as much TO US as Otto’s life, until we are just as outraged by the way our police and our courts and our prisons and our government all conspire to kill black and brown kids, often for nothing, as we are about foreign governments killing white kids for stupidity the horror will continue. So what are you willing to do today? Are you willing to at read this post and give it some thought? Are you willing to ask yourself these questions? Are you willing to talk to your friends and family about it? Don’t go apologizing to black or brown people. They are tired of hearing it. Don’t bother them at all. Bother US. We have work to do in our own families and communities. Let’s get on it.”

Can’t Have

Bev Collier posted:
“We can’t have nothing. Not our skin. Not our peace. Not our sanctuary. Can’t have nothing. Can’t shop, can’t swim, can’t walk home. Can’t pray. Can’t worship. Can’t have candy. Can’t sit in a car with friends with the windows down, bathed in bass. Can’t be a free black girl, free black child, free black boy. Can’t have courtesy. Can’t ask for help. Can’t have nothing. Can’t get the benefit of the doubt. Can’t get called by the names we want to be called. Can’t sit in church, pray in church, have a church, mosque, temple. Can’t have nothing. Can’t have a nice day, Can’t have an uninterrupted ride home. Can’t have a day when you don’t have to look over your shoulder. Can’t have nothing. Can’t have a day where you KNOW without a shadow of a doubt the people you love will come home alive. Can’t. Have. Nothing. Can’t have a day when our everything isn’t in question. Can’t even die without an “assist”. Can’t even have a proper burial. Can’t even have a memorial that goes untouched.
Can’t not be followed. In a store. For a block. For a mile. For a day. For days. For years. For life.
Can’t even get an isolated incident.
Can’t get an acknowledgement that the race card is manufactured, store bought, and made from our skin.
Can’t have nothing.
Can’t be a disappeared black girl found safe and in time.
Can’t get a disappeared black girl’s name read on air.
Can’t have an indictment, conviction, blah, blah, blah.
Can’t have paid leave, unpaid leave,
Can’t have nothing.”
– Derrek Westin Brown.

No Joy

To the Republicans
I feel no glee.
I just don’t want to hear that we need to pay for secret service for each of you because you are in grave danger due to crazies with guns. It was no big deal when those little children were massacred. The citizens of this country begged you for more protection and reasonable laws by making gun owning more difficult. You laughed when our President cried.

When Mrs. Gifford got shot in the head and people were killed on that day, you made it easier to buy guns. You used the opportunity to rally. Your glee was in record sales for the NRA.

I don’t want to hear your whining. You got lucky today. The citizens are not always as lucky as you are. They die at the hands of criminals daily because of you being an enabler.
Evelyn Cook

Feel free to share with credit, please. *From Evelyn Cook.*

I’m Just a Democrat and That is Just Fine with me

During the primaries last year, I was bombarded by liberals and progressives who thought nothing of destroying the Democratic party in order to put their unqualified, leftist candidate in office.

They lied. They cheated. Like 45, I’m still waiting to see his tax returns.  The created a mythical activism record to lure the black vote. They did everything they could to get him into the nominee slot- bullying, intimidation, lying.  They spoke of revolution while towing the Republican partyline that BLM was a terrorist organization that was still a part of “the establishment”.

When that didn’t work, the delusional progressives took their votes elsewhere. Some didn’t vote at all. And now we have SCROTUS(so called president of the united states) as our Nazi leader.They have marched and protested. They have written and called Congress. They are appalled at the way the new administration has taken begun dismantling all of President Obama’s policies. And they refuse to see their part in this.

This is where the perspective of Old Guard Democrats come in handy. Had they heard us instead of trying to “revolutionize” a party that they were not a part of until after the Sanders craze, they would have done what was needed to win.  We real Democrats made concessions. We talked policy. We asked questions and when no answers were forthcoming,we did our research.  We did openly what the DNC failed to do. We actually vetted the usurper and his disciples.



Owning Our Blackness 

​”Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar have exposed the silliness of so many of these silly White people who think that they can tell Black people how to be Black and feel Black and which Black organization and leaders we should celebrate. They have lost control of their slaves and it’s driving them crazy. Telling us that instead of Black Lives Matter it should be All Lives Matter, but All lives matter only exist to protect and fight for white lives. Telling us that instead of the Black Panthers Beyoncé should have done a tribute to the majority white police who protect them by killing Blacks. I even heard them say we should honor Martin Luther King instead of Malcolm X. Well we salute and celebrate them both. Fuck your divide and conquer bullshit. See what it really is about is this, they want us to take our beating and turn the other cheek, they want us to call our freedom fighters terrorists and call their terrorist the founding fathers or patriots. They want us to celebrate the racist police department and police who are killing our men, women and children, but we are supposed to ostracize our bold Black mothers, fathers, sons and daughters who dare to stand up, speak out or fight back. They go crazy over what we say in song lyrics or speeches but remain quiet when a racist governor poisons the water in flint, or when racist cops kill our unharmed people and are rarely indicted. They don’t like us talking about what they do because according to them “our words” divides us more than the RACIST ACTIONS they defend and justify of those Whites killing us. They destroyed the Black Panther Party imprisoned and murdered key members, but the “white” skin, white sheet wearing, cross burning, church bombing, black lynching terrorist KKK is still up and running. And after years of countless acts of terror against Blacks and others, the terrorist KKK is still not labeled a terrorist organization, smfh. They always bring up black on black violence like they don’t have white on white violence, like they don’t have drug dealers, murderers, thieves, criminals, degenerates. White people shut the fuck up about Black peoples culture and feelings, feel how you feel about whatever your culture is. Black people don’t care what you think or how you feel about what we think or how we feel, so get used to it. The truth. We are used to your lies and tricks. The jig is up. If you’re scared of what nature has been saying through us, telling you to stop shooting us, stop treating us unjustly, stop stealing our identity, stop mass incarcerating us, stop poisoning our minds, spirit and bodies, stop, stop, stop! Imagine when Nature stops talking, imagine, just imagine that. We are sick and tired of y’all. If you are white and you know and agree with Black people and how we feel, don’t waste your breath or time telling us what we already know, instead go preach it from the mountain top to other Whites because many of them have been lied to just as much if not worse than us, only difference is they benefit from the lies which in the end will not be a benefit at all. Truth crushed to the ground will rise again.”