In Defense of America

Borrowed from a friend’s page: David Tice-Mintz, Kandy Loyde “Dear obnoxious ungrateful conservatives who are suffering because of Hurricane Harvey, I am sorry for your suffering, sorry for your losses, sorry for the governance of your state that still hasn’t a clue how to prepare for hurricanes after dealing with Hurricane Ike, Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Katrina, clear back to Hurricane Carla in 1961. I am sorry that the days to come will be fraught with despair, more terrible weather, shortages and the tedious and dangerous cleaning up to come in the aftermath of all catastrophes. I will send as much help as I can, because I hate that you are suffering and I don’t want anyone to do without during this bleak time. But will you, with your conservative views, take the help in the manner it is offered, as freely given by others, not as a right owed to you because of your skin color or political beliefs? Right now people are being saved by undocumented immigrants, so it’s a good thing that wall wasn’t built before this hurricane hit. Right now people are being saved by transgender people, gay people, women who have had abortions and the men that agreed that they had the choice to do so. Right now Muslims, Hindus, Jewish people and every other religion are working to make sure you have things you need; food, medical care, supplies. Right now the Clintons, Obamas and other democratic celebrities are sending help, money, raising awareness, where is the Trump Foundation in all this? Right now the people you call libtards are some of the first responders, they were helping evacuate and care for people right from the start. The people that you claim are stealing jobs are doing the dangerous jobs no one else wants to do. The people you proudly shake your rebel flag at to remind them of their ancestors’ slavery are carrying children out of flooded houses and rescuing nursing home residents. They overlook your hate and views because their goal is to help all people, not just a small chosen few of the right color or right religion. It’s times like this that bring us all together, but it also reminds us that last week you were shouting your racist, anti-immigrant, misogynistic, right wing, smaller government, “fake media” crap at anyone that had a different opinion. The “fake media” have been telling you this was going to happen for a week. The “fake” scientists have been warning about climate change for decades, while you and our president scoff at them. The races you maligned now have their hands out, offering you help that you can get nowhere else. Do you feel even ONE twinge of conscience? Do you feel ONE moment of shame that your political bigotry has maligned so many that are now helping you and those you love? Your state will be rebuilt by people that you have worked hard to take healthcare from, to ban from serving in the military, to prevent from marrying, to deport, and to oppress with your racist symbols. Believe me; it’s not going to ONLY be pristine whites that are all Christians doing the dirty work. And Trump is not going to share a dime of his billions without getting a kick back like he does when he charges us for the secret service staying at his properties. It’s 2017. I find myself amazed that racism is still an issue, that women can’t control their bodies, that white people were so threatened by a black president. I find it staggering that people deny science, that anyone’s consenting adult sex life is even a matter of discussion. I find it incredible that this type of stupidity still exists and is fed by Fox News, Breibart, Infowars ( by the way, where are they in this catastrophe?) I find it amazing that the insular news stations you watch and read are the actual fake news, while the reality of the communities you live in is disregarded because it doesn’t suit your biased views. So are you going to take the help offered, in the spirit it was offered, by the people of all races, religions, genders, nationalities and return the favor and treat them fairly, decently and with high regard? Or are you going to take the help and go back to being the conservative, racist, libtard hating oppressor you were before the storm hit? Because to do so goes against every rule of Christianity. The choice is yours; just realize that one day your views may drive others to take the same tack. One day the people that help may turn their backs on those that malign them. I can’t blame them; it’s gone on far too long. It’s time to let the hate and divineness wash back out to sea like the retreating flood waters. It’s time to realize that Fox News, Breibart, Infowars are playing on your fears and ignorance, while doing nothing of actual merit in the world. Until they give you a hand up, until they wade through the water to save a person’s life, until they look past skin color to help EVERYONE in need, they are the enemy of the United States. See them for what they are, and see the people around you for what they actually are, caring, helpful, hardworking, regardless of skin color, religion, sexual identity. They deserve respect and the right to be happy, not hatred and oppression.”

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