Chickens Coming Home to Roost

This is NOT our fight? When President Obama was running for office, America attacked him for the words of his pastor, Jeremiah Wright. There was a sermon Minister Wright gave called “The Chicken Comes Home To Roost”. Many in the black community understood the sermon to mean the history of white people will come back to them. In a conversation I had with one of my Latino brothers, he mentioned to me the sermon “The Chicken Comes Home To Roost” In this conversation, we were talking about how the horrible acts of the white culture is now coming back upon white people. In this sermon, Pastor Wright speaks about the horrible history of the white culture. The history of death and destruction the world has faced. From White people coming to America and destroying Native Americans—-to white people stealing Africans and enslaving them here in America. From the moment they were forced to free slaves, white America has calculated every moment to place African Americans at a disadvantage to the rest of American. From dropping bombs in the Middle East, to various invasions in Central America. So here we are today……looking at the events this past weekend in VA. White people are turning on each other…..The Chicken Comes Home to Roost. So is this a battle for people of color? Many of us are asking this very question right now. If you live or have any family members in the South, the KKK meet and rally on a regular basis. We already know there are some parts of this country which are “Klan Country”. So why did this rally strike a nerve? Many people of color are looking at this battle as if we are sitting in Wimbledon and watching Venus battle Serena. Do we step in? What do we say? NOTHING that happened this weekend is new to us. Some of us wonder if the public is involved because of the anti-Semitic cries, or because of the injustice. We find ourselves asking….If this was JUST a Klan rally, would the response form the public be the same? If so, where are all the white people when the Klan still have public events in places like Alabama and Mississippi? Many people of color are standing still. Almost like a PTSD victim who lacks the ability to respond due to the re-introduction to the trauma. Many of us want to confront the problem head on. Some of us are sitting back and saying I am not getting involved at all. But one thing many people of color do know—–What Trump has said is something MANY white people feel inside, but just will not say it out loud. How do we know this…..because NOTHING will be said or done about his comments. We can all sit on social media and complain, the media can talk about it for the next 2 weeks—NOTHING will happen to this man. Many of us are now placing private bets almost one another as to when we will hear him say “nigger”. That is coming soon. So, many people of color are sitting back and wondering—Is this our fight? Is this a fight we need or want to take on? Will this fight save our children from being killed in the streets by police officers? Will this point out the members of these horrible groups that ARE police officers? Will this change the murder rate in Chicago? Will this address is high unemployment rate for people of color? So we sit silence, as the Chicken Comes Home to Roost

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