Alternate Facts

Apparently the new administration has discovered a new way to whitewash history, the truth and anything that doesn’t fit their narrative. Instead of admitting that they are lying through their teeth, we have a new term called “alternative facts”.  The fact is that the alternative is a total and complete fabrication.

Out with transparency. Down with truth. Forget everything you thought  you knew about unbiased investigative journalism. We have now an alternative reality where outright lies are paraded before the masses as the truth. I’m sick of this nonsense.  You should be as well.

Of course, if you supported T-rump, then this alternate reality full of whitesplaining and shaping the narrative suits you just fine. Anything as long as that Black man isn’t in office.  You are cowards -afraid of a world where equity and justice are equally applied.  You try hard to maintain the status quo in a world where you have lost ground.  The world is bigger than you. The reality is that there is no longer black and white. It’s brown and tan. It always has been.

We’re tired of your arrogance, your pompous feigned superiority. You’ve lied, cheated and stolen long enough. We who are the majority are going to take our country back. We’re going to put an end to the double standards and bring an unbridled level of freedom.


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